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GGR 041 – Prepping & Earth Shelter Homes with Evil Roy

EarthShelter.comGene Pearcey talks with Steve & Jake about his earth sheltered home company, as well as preparing for bad times.
Welcome to Gun Guy Radio! the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle.
I’m Your host Jake and this is Steve, our law enforcement officer from Texas.
This is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.

Main Topic:  Earth Sheltered Homes & the Prepping Mindset

What is Prepping?
Food Storage:

  • Eat what you store
  • Long term rations?
  • Where to store

Guns for protection/hunting

  • Worst case scenario firearms
  • Storage
  • Ammo


  • Importance of where home or bug out location.
  • Do you live in a safe place or area and if not where are you going to and how.
  • Shelter considerations.
  • Doomsday preppers
  • Advantages of earth home during bad times and good times.
  • How  an earth home eases concerns in times of hardship and danger.
  • What does our company do as far as earth homes or shelters.
  • Advantage of living in an earth shelter home with an attached all out shelter.
  • Disadvantages of living in earth shelter home.
  • How long have we been in business?
  • Do we do homes and shelters both?
  • Who is our average customer?
  • Cost of earth homes.
  • How do you get one built.
  • Construction material of our homes.
  • What are the biggest dangers as I see it.

Berkey Water Filters

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Listener Feedback:
Brent:  so I recently moved into an apartment before if anyone were to come into my bedroom I would have been shooting into a hill now I would be shooting into my neighbors apartment . I have a Glock 22 and a Mossberg 500 that are my primary home defense guns, I also have an AR 15 an AK 47 and R 700 in 30.06 and Ruger LC 9. I know the Mossberg 500 is easy choice but if I’m woken up quickly I’m worried that I won’t be able to shoulder it quickly enough to be effective and like the idea of having a hand gun in the night stand for that situation, but I am concerned that 40 caliber will have over penetration. what do you think would be a good compromise. will buy a new gun if necessary.

Mike:  I recently got into Sport Rifle shooting and discovered your program. It’s great to listen be able to keep up with all the gun news, tech, gear and reviews without getting caught up in legal mumbo jumbo. What’s new, what’s good, and what’s bad: that’s what I’m interested in and that’s what you guys deliver! Keep up the great work!
I love your week in review segment so I thought I’d share mine:This week, my friends and I went to the local outdoor range and put 200 rounds through my M&P 15 carbine. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase of the firearm! Also began shopping for a 14-20 gun safe for my father for Christmas. Any suggestions?
John Garside:  Just finished with episode 39.  You read my e-mail on the podcast – WOW –  I’m basking in the glory and fame – no matter how small and short-lived.
If I would have known my e-mail would make the show, I would have done a much better job of gathering my thoughts before pushing the send button.
Anyway – Last weekend I had the opportunity to touch, fondle and the pull the triggers on three CZ’s – the CZ75B (full size -was hoping for a compact but not available), CZ PO1 and the polymer version – forgot which model – sorry.
I found the triggers to be nice , with a much crisper finish than my Glock 19. The polymer was very light and feels really nice, the alloy PO1 was just as sweet, but the full size steel frame of the 75B was my favorite.
Long story short, I traded my Glock 19 for the 75B – after one trip to the range I am a real fan.  I really like how the slide fits in the frame – it gives the gun a really easy, distinct recoil.  The gun was accurate and a real pleasure to shoot.
Don’t misunderstand me, I still love a nice polymer wonder – my home state of Missouri allows me to legally carry my Glock 26 almost everywhere, it’s a great gun.
CZ is a nice change of pace and would recommend this firearm to your listeners.
Thanks for the show
P.S. My wife just told me I have a bromance with the show – is that a problem?
Stan Mramor from Tomball, TX:  Guys, I have been down hard the last few days waiting for knee surgery as a result of an accident.  Your podcasts have been a lifesaver.  Interesting, informative and like having some friends over for a couple of cold ones. Thanks for the fine work on your craft and for making the last few days bearable.

Paul:  Thanks for writing back…I realize what a “time-sucker” the podcasts must be…(I’ve been married for 10, and have a little girl….I haven’t gotten anything done in 7 years…:)
I just finished listening to the first AR-15 podcast tonight.
It was great!  Really informative, and the combo of guests you had really made for a great show.
A lot of what you guys are going over actually can apply to your most awesome listeners………(Canucks)
I’ve also finally gotten through the back-catalog, and aftershows.
All good stuff…from soup to nuts……I like the fact that the hordes can listen to the back-nine of the show….makes it a lot more relatable to guys like me….we get to hear the REAL chat between hosts…etc.
The shows seem to be edited for only the topical content…..and the aftershows are the guys B.S’ing “after work”….that’s what I’m gettin, anyways.
The public likes “that’s what she said” jokes as well.   :)
PLEASE keep putting the aftershows on.
Although….I just realized less than a week ago I could access Gun Guy Radio through my Xbox…….I listened to the “post Red Dawn Hallow’een” episode in full-volume, 5.1 sound.
It was F-ing TERRIFYING…….I could hear you guys in the downstairs bathroom.
I promised myself from now on, I will only listen over my blackberry speaker.

Matt:  Hello Jake and Zach,  Love the show so much I just donated to GGR via paypal and wish you guys the best success.   I do have a question about small DAO pistols (Kahr PM9 & Diamondback DB9 & Ruger LCP).  Why do they all seem to have such a long trigger pull?  Is there something inherent in the design of such a pistol that necessitates a long trigger pull?  Or is it more of a legal thing that the gun companies do this?  Can a gunsmith do a trigger job to these kinds of pocket pistols, and if so, what do you give up (if anything) by doing a trigger job to them?  I’d love to know because if I shoot the Kahr PM9 after shooting a Glock 26 I’m lucky if I can even hit the paper.

Richard:  Great podcast but your interview with Julie golob you said that the sheriffs in California won’t issue ccw permits but they do I have one had it for 12 years for personal protection . See not all California sheriffs are bad.

Jody:  Isn’t it illegal to hunt from the road?

Yancy:  Question for Steve. Does he do any competition  shooting in the DFW area? Our local club in the Ft.Worth area is Cross Timbers IDPA, although we shoot most of the other shooting shooting sports. If he does not and would like to, he would be welcome to shoot with us.  He can view our calendar @ either CTIDPA or CTASA.
Thanks again for what you guys do. I look forward every week to listen to your podcast.
I did enjoy the god and guns cast even if it might have crossed the politics line a little.

Sean Myers – Seattle via Ft. Wayne:  Congratulations on the anti-carry law getting shot down.  Welcome to the free states.  I bet in a 180 day argument “shall issue” doesn’t make it 10 minutes in.  This is just the start of a new fight, but at least now you’ll be fighting limits instead of bans.  I hate Illinois a little less now.

Listener Feedback: Greg from California

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