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GGR 051 – The High Life – Frisco Gun Club

frisco gun clubSteve interviews Christian from the Frisco Gun Club, a high end gun club in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Welcome to Gun Guy Radio! the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle.
I’m Your host Jake and this is Zack from Lone Wolf Distributors.
This is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.


Week in Review:

  • Jake Shout out to Pete at Rediscovered Shooting Treasures and Lane for a Donation
  • Will be launching a FRN membership program soon, email with perk ideas,
  • Taking some of the shows to video youtube, Roku by 2014
  • Zack- found a pocket holster and ammo for my revolver, contacted Charter Arms.

Main Topic: The High Life – Frisco Gun Club

The Frisco Gun Club

TV Interview

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Listener Feedback:

Itunes reviews:

Mark Hookom:  I have a speed vault in my bedroom closet, I put it in the corner so it would be really hard to scew with , I also tossed out the inch long screws that came with it and ran in 3 inch deck screws. Most of my guns are in a Liberty 40 gun safe, in my office/gun room, but I put my carry gun in the speed vault while its not in my holster. I don’t have children, and its in my closet, so I think for my purpose its perfect, I even put it in there at night so I have to wake up, push buttons and grab, so I know I’m awake and aware before I am ready to shoot someone in my home.

Quentin:  I just finished listening to the December Preppers episode and have to day that
the discussion made a lot of sense. I am an Engineer, and as one, we are always
considering the worst case of our circuit designs and mean time to failure. I suppose
this makes people like me “planners” by career and I certainly don’t see people who are
Preppers as odd. (except of course for people who are WAY out on the branch of preppers :-)

Sean Edmunds:  Greetings,
Overall I like the Podcast. I just recently found it and have been listening to some of the back episodes. Today I was listening to part of your Glock vs XD vs M&P series. Let me say you are not the only reviewers I have heard and have chuckled about when you talked about disassembly of the M&P. I have to wonder if any of you have ever shot a Ruger P95? Same basic dissasmbly procedure except that the slide stop pin is also the disassembly pin like a 1911. But, you still reach down inside and flip down the sear disconnect/ejector. Also, it is my understanding that you can simply pull the trigger and not have to reach down inside. Personally, I’d rather not pull the trigger if I don’t have to.

I do own a full size 9mm M&P. I have never shot an XD and won’t own one. I remember seeing them for less than $300 as the HS2000 and not being impressed then and I can’t see that Springfield Armory importing them has caused them to improve.

As far as Glocks go I owned a Gen 2 Glock 23 that I liked very much and a Gen 2 Glock 17 that was an acceptable firearm, but I took it in trade on a rifle I built and didn’t feel the need for a 9mm so it went down the road. I do not like the current Generation Glocks. The finger bumps fall under my fingers when I pick up a new Glock and they aren’t comfortable which is a shame because I really want a G29 or the new G30S. But, that won’t happen unless I decide to send it New In The Box to someone to have the grip reshaped to a Gen 2 feel.

Anyway, keep up the good work and try to broaden your horizons on the firearms you shoot. There are great guns out there that were made before the polymer craze like my first handgun the Browning High Power.

Sean:  On another topic, in your varmint hunting episode Zack asked for bait suggestions for coyotes. At one time there was a podcast from some guys hear in New England that specialized in coyote hunting. One of their bait ideas and one I have yet to try involved taking a 5 gallon bucket and putting your table scraps in it, then putting water in and freezing it. There idea was to just cover the food with water. And layer by layer fill the bucket. One guy had a separate freezer in an out building. In winter below freezing you could leave it outside. When it was full, and frozen solid he would take it out into a field and dump it out and set up to watch and shoot. That way the coyote would come to it but not be able to drag it away.

Dwayne Kruse:  Make shooting more fun.
My 2 boys 11 & 8 love shooting reactive targets.  One very cheap alternative is balloons.  You can buy a bag of balloons very cheap and you can control how big or small the target is based on how much air you put into the balloon.  With nothing more than a staple gun you can attach the balloons to a cardboard target.  After you tie the balloon off make sure you staple the end of the balloon to the target or it will deflate before you get a chance to shoot it.  Once the balloons are hung you can play different games. We play call your shot and each boy has to call out the color of the balloon he is going to shoot.  We also play a head to head competition and see which boy can shoot all six balloons first.  You can put multiple balloons on one target and practice engaging different portions of the target or place balloons on different targets.  You can also set up a course that requires moving and shooting.  This is just one way we make shooting more fun.