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GGR 094 – Cold Weather Concealed Carry Options

GGR 094 - Cold Weather Concealed Carry Options.mp3How do you carry in a cold climate?

Welcome to Episode 094 of Gun Guy Radio,—-this is the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle. I’m Your host Jake Challand and this is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.

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Main Topic: Cold Weather/Winter Firearms Carry

Topic suggested by listener Andrey:  It get cold here in the North East and as a new concealed carry, I wondering the best way to carry in the winter. In this I am wearing thick gloves that make it hard to reach my gun and even harder to get a good trigger pull. What are some suggestions that would make it easier to carry during winter. I.E. a good brand of gloves, different type of holster (do you prefer a inside the waste or outside during winter)? Any types of grips that are winter friendly? Should I maybe even uses a different gun during the winter?

Holsters: Care should be taken to ensure you can access your holster. Here in Maine the winters are VERY cold and I wear an old police jacket that has two zippers on your hip area to allow clearance for the police duty belt. This allows me to access a belt holster. Otherwise, I use a properly fitting shoulder holster for my Sig-Sauer P-226 or Smith & Wesson Model 19. Pocket carry is an option as well, but will present its own set of problems I’ll discuss later.




Gun Size & Dress: Typically during the summertime, I’ll carry a lighter gun like my S&W Model 60 .38 Spl or my NAA .22 LR Mini Revolver, because the manner of dress doesn’t allow me to carry a large gun. During the wintertime however, you dress more heavily and can more easily conceal a large handgun. Also consider caliber choice.  Anyone who you’re facing in a defensive situation would most likely be dressed with heavy clothing as well. This could affect the performance of your chosen bullet that works well when your opponent isn’t wearing a thick canvas or wool jacket.

Jake: I don’t wear dresses… but I’m planning on carrying OWB with the help of Duluth Trading Company’s longtail Ts and shirts

Probably either going with a Crossbreed Holster or Comp-Tac holster or both depending on gun.

Bullet Selection: Continuing in the caliber argument, bullet selection is very important as well.  Due to the tendency to dress in heavier clothing, hollowpoint bullets may have difficulty expanding if the hollow point is plugged by a heavy piece of denim or other clothing.  It would be wise to consider using something such as the Hornady Critical Duty rounds with their polymer insert in the hollow cavity. Stay away from the Critical Defense rounds in my opinion.  I have read several reviews online & seen YouTube videos online by Tnoutoors9 that have shown inconsistency in expansion and powder charge. (i.e. underpowered rounds.)


Daniel: Hey Jake,

I used to own one of the Mossberg 715t.  Saw it in a Cabela’s ad, drove 3 hours to get it, and was disappointed when I saw it.  I figured I drove 3 hours and I may as well get it to make my trip worth it.

It is basically their .22 plinkster model (similar to a 10/22 but way lower quality) with a plastic shell wrapped around it that gives it a tactical look.  It feels very cheap, very plastic.

I had lots of problems with failure to ejects, and failure to strip a round from the magazine and load into the chamber.

I sold it as quickly as I could, and at gun shows I see them frequently for $199.

IMHO, a mp 15 22 is a much better option

 Thanks for the network!

Ken: I just finished listening to the latest podcast. Only last week my wife bought me a Remington 597 for our anniversary. I took it to the range the next morning and after 250 rounds I must say that it is quite a bit of fun to shoot. Good gun, good scope, great value.  You made a fine choice including it in your review.

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