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GGR 096 – How to get your own FFL – Brandon from FFL123

Gun Guy Radio 096 - How to get your own FFL - Brandon from FFL123Discover the necessary steps for obtaining your own Federal Firearms License.

Welcome to Episode 096 of Gun Guy Radio,—-this is the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle. I’m Your host Jake Challand and this is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.


Shoutout and sad farewell to our photographer and GGR Episode Artwork Designer Kirby.

Firearms Insider Devin has been promoted to Senior Producer.  Changing the format to more of a discussion panel.  Seeking hosts for this new format.  Experience with Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Competition, Reloading & Gunsmithing

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Devin Promoted to Senior Producer and we’ll changing the show format

I’m looking for an assistant producer and co-host for Gun Guy Radio. Email me at Jake@firearmsradio.tv of interested.  Must have experience with audio editing, have knowledge of wordpress and of course be a Gun Guy.

Main Topic: Brandon Maddox from Owner of FFL 123 and http://www.dakotasilencer.com/

So you want to be your own FFL?



What does FFL mean?

What are the different types of FFLs?

If I just want to transfer “regular” guns which one do I need?

Type 1 transfers

Type 07 buy sell assemble manufacture

What do I need for ammo?

Can individuals acquire an FFL?

Do I have to have a store front?

What requirements do they put on me for having an FFL in my home?

I have young children, is this a problem?  Does the ATFE frown on this?

Isn’t the ATFE really a pain in the butt to deal with?

How long does the process take from start to finish?

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Jim G: episode 94 you were talking conceal carry at 6’4″ 430 pounds IWB/OWB just not an option so I have 3 different Maxpedition paks that I carry or a Galco Jack Ass shoulder rig with different holsters mostly carry my 23 with a 9MM barrel essentially a Glock 19 , plus when it’s 110 degrees we ain’t wearing jeans let alone jean shorts. So I dress pretty light and with practice the off carry paks are very easy to deal with. On the plus side a knife light pepper spray along with wallet and money clip and phone carry just as well and not in you shorts pockets.

you were talking tactical .22’s my fave is the Sig Saur 522 classic none of the conversion kits work worth a darn for me. But the 10/22 reigns supreme in our house. Big G

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