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GGR 104 – Budget Home Defense Handguns & Quick Access Safes

Gun Guy Radio 104 - Budget Home Defense Handguns & Quick Access SafesIs there such a thing as a cheap home defense handgun?

Welcome to Episode 104 of Gun Guy Radio! This is the podcast that shines a positive light on the firearms lifestyle. I’m Your host Jake Challand and this is your weekly dose of positive firearms talk, without the politics.

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Main Topic: Budget Home Defense & Quick Access Safes

Is there such a thing as a budget  handgun? Less than $300?

Handgun Safes:

The search for a reliable quick access safe…



Is there a quick access safe that will work reliably?

  • Fingerprint?
  • Key Code?
  • Rotary Dial?

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JD Livaudais
JD Livaudais

Good review of the SCCY CPX2, I would say you right on target.  I have one and have included as as a carry gun since it completed my trust & reliability shakedown.  Also, I agree while this gun may not be right for everyone, it is one worth checking out.


A pair of pistols that you might have missed is the Smith & Wesson SD9VE or SD40VE.  These are polymer pistols that are "value enhanced."   The 9mm has a 16+1 round capacity and the .40 has a 14+1 capacity and come with two magazines. I bought the SD40VE when Gov Cuoma and his lackeys passed the SAFE Act at $379 MSRP when everything was crazier than usual here in NY.   Now I see you can get them for $289 online at Academy.  It has been very reliable and comfortable gun to shoot.  Believe or not the grip is pretty good.  These are definitely guns you could stash around the house.  

BTW, I often wear my pistol around the home just for the very reason that if someone were to break in, it would take several seconds to run upstairs, open my draw and access my safe with its biometric lock.  I have a Lok-Saf which I read very good reviews about but I will not buy another biometric safe.  I have found it to be temperamental and sometimes requires up to a dozen attempts before it will open. That is unacceptable for the safe where I store my home defense pistol. 

Again, great show and congrats on the baby!


Jake, just got done listening to this week's podcast where you talk about taking your very pregnant wife out shooting.  Bad idea.  Not only should you consider that your unborn child is a filter for everything your wife breathes in (like lead from the primers, etc), sound travels EXTREMELY well through water, and your unborn child, with fully developed ears, is in a water cacoon, about the same distance from the firing gun as your wife's ears, with no hearing protection.  I'm guessing that while the shooting may have been fun for you (and hopefully at least a little bit for your wife), it was probably pretty stressful for your new baby.  Please pass the word that pregnant women should probably not be around shooting or other very loud environments.  At a minimum, check with your doctor first.  Other than that, keep up the good work.


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